Bricks with a story

The Musketeers bakstenen met een verhaal

The Musketeers Brewery makes beer that makes people talk. Our brewery site is also a place with a story and a rich past.

We transformed an old brickyard into a brewery with an atmospheric brewery café with a large terrace, where you can enjoy our delicious specialty beers and regional dishes.
The artisan site had been abandoned for years. We gave the building a traditional artisan destination. The building was renovated with respect and old elements were preserved as much as possible. On the side of the brewery café you can still see the slope where the carts with clay were pulled up.

 The Musketeers Brewery

Reepstraat 208
9170 Sint-Gillis-Waas
+32 (0)3 344 02 31

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Brouwerij The Musketeers Sint-Gillis

Opening hours Brewery café

Tuesday: 14 - 21h
Wednesday: 14 - 21h
Thursday: 14 - 22h
Friday: 14 - 22.30h
Saturday: 13.30 - 22.30h
Sunday: 12 - 22h
Monday: closed

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